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04 October 2008 @ 09:50 pm
I'M HUMAN NOW!!!!!!!!!

AND.....Oh, wait, the next part's secret! XD
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14 September 2008 @ 01:40 pm
My blood.....

It feels like its on fire......

The desire in my spark is growing........

I feel so hot......

What did Genesis do to me....?!?
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01 September 2008 @ 03:58 pm

Oh yeah, about Moonracer....she apparently got in a fight with Infinity and got badly injured...but she's healing. :3
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31 August 2008 @ 04:37 pm


My base....


The whole world was invaded....

And they killed Mackenzie....

But, Ryan and Goruden helped.....

And I'm grateful for that....

In other news....The girl who tortured me and Anami a few months ago....she and her sisters were brought back to life...and now they are living with us. C.H.A.O.S already abandoned her name and is now Nightrunner, and her sisters are also thinking about renaming themselves. And, I updated my 'obersavations' entry.



But what I'm really worried about at the moment...





Where's Moonracer? 

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16 August 2008 @ 10:21 pm
Ryan: The leader of the household, and he's also the God of the Pokemon Race. He is a very good man, always listens, and is a nice fellow. I just worry about him sometimes....especially now.
He....saved my crew.....I am grateful...

Latias: Ryan's mate/wife, and Goddess of the Pokemon Race. She really is a nice person... : 3
Has another little one on the way! : D

Now has another daughter named Sabrina! SHE IS SO CUTE. : D

Velocity: My past life....or the side of me that lingered after I left the Destrons. She turned from bad guy to good guy in a matter of days....really surprised the crap out of me. She is a good woman. : )
She...was shot out of the sky....I hope she will live....
Wow, she sure looks older now....XD

Vespera: Daughter of Darkrai and Cresselia. This girl has an air of mystery around her...But she is really sweet and loving. X3 Just....don't make her angry. *whimpers*
I haven't seen her for a while...I wonder how she's doing...?
....always knock on her door before going in.....

Cherika: Vespera's little sister. X3 She is extremely cute! *huggles her*

Dezember: Vespera's past life. Counting all the years she had been dead, she's about 121. But, she was given a solid form through a gemstone on her tiara. She can also control ice....mental note to never make her mad. NEVER.
Has been reborn. She is an EXTREMELY cute baby....X3
Extrememly cute little girl. : D

Darkrai: Vespera's father. He doesn't really live with us, he just pops in from time to time...*whimpers* For the love of Primus, do NOT make this guys angry.

Infinity: I haven't heard much about this young one yet....and she really doesn't live with us. XD She is a supercomputer with a human looking frame, like myself. I have a feeling that this little one will be visiting soon...
Infintity...is evil.....she attacked Moonracer.....

Merii: The mother of Sutaruto, Jyueru, and Kuristeru. A beautiful woman. She is really understanding...
.....was raped....now she's pregnant. But....

Melaina: Merii's dark side....but she's not so dark anymore. X3 She is very nice. She is also pregnant....I really don't want to get into the details on how that happened....
Recently gave birth! : D She is a wonderful mother.
Is now pregnant with Ryan's child.

Luke: One of Merii's mates. He meditates a lot....no wonder he can stay so calm in some of the worst situations.

Jayden: Merii's other mate. X3 He's a computer junkie...and he also managed to hack through me once. Only one other person has ever done that....and it took them over a year. XD
He... *coughs*...was pregnant once with his daughter, Naida. However, she died....and he asked Vespera to seal away that memory. But, Naida has come back, and he loves her with all his heart. X3

Mei: Haven't really talked to her....but she's Merii's friend. X3

Silver: Another one of Merii's friends. X3

Sutaruto, Kuristeru, and Jyueru: Merii's daughters and sons. The cutest things I have ever seen.
Jyueru....was attacked by ghosts....
Are now teenagers. : D

Future Babies: I don't know what to think of these guys yet...they haven't been born yet! XD

Mazeyelle: A half-dragon girl. Very nice and understanding....
I spent ten years with her and Anami in Anami's dimension....I've gotten to know her a lot more over those years.

Anami: A very dear friend of mine. X3 I like her a lot as a friend mind you and she is also pregnant. She is very nice...and understanding.
Had a panic attack today....I was so scared for her...
I spent ten years with her and Mazeyelle in her dimension. I found them when Anami was in labor, and helped deliver her son, Faustus. She is blind in her left eye now....

Goruden: The son of Groudon. Very good man, and is so nice...but I hate to see him when he's sad...
I have a sinking suspicion his sanity....n...nevermind.....But, he saved my crew, along with Ryan....so I'm grateful.... : )
Is amazingly strong...and not just psychically.

Devon: The daughter of Groudon. Unlike her brother, she is a full-blooded Groudon....it hurts really bad when she falls on me. XP
She helped save a friend of mine.... : )
Gave birth to Rane, her first son. Now she has another on the way...

Nightrunner: When she was still C.H.A.O.S, she kidnapped and tortured me and Anami for a long time....but, during the last battle, she changed her fate on her own decision, and is now living with us....its gonna take a while for me to get used to her and her sisters....She wields the Reqium Blaster.
Now looks twenty. I haven't seen her lately....I wonder where she went?

Solarflare: Nightrunner's younger sister. She and her younger sister Moonracer ran from the Destrons during the invasions....and now they are wanted criminals. She wields the Skyboom Shield.
Now looks nineteen.

Moonracer: Nightrunner's and Solarflare's younger sister. She and her older sister Solarflare, like I said above, ran from the Destrons and is now a wanted criminal. She wields the Star Saber.
Stayed behind on Cybertron to help with the relief efforts.

Faustus: Anami and Goruden's cute little son. : D

Vector Prime: My father....its amazing! I wonder how he managed to get back from beyond the linear of time....
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15 August 2008 @ 04:42 pm
Well, here I am. 

: D


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